Free PodPage alternative for your podcast website

Are you looking for a PodPage alternative that offers a free tier and robust features? Free Podcast Websites is a free podcast website builder: it automatically generates a website based on your podcast's RSS feed. You can choose from multiple designs and customize them with your podcast's logo and colors. You can even connect a custom domain name! Every time you publish a new episode, it will automatically generate a new episode page. This tool was built by the team at Transistor Podcast Hosting.

Whether you're migrating from PodPage or starting a fresh podcast, it's a great option.

1. Automatically Generate a Beautiful Podcast Website

To generate your free website, sign up here and paste your RSS feed (or search for your podcast on Apple Podcasts).

Use this tool to generate a free website from your podcast RSS feedFree Podcast Websites will create a website from any valid podcast RSS feed (regardless of where you host your podcast: Buzzsprout, Anchor (Spotify for Podcasters), Libsyn, Captivate).

2. Beautiful Websites Tailored for Your Podcast

Your podcast deserves a website that reflects its quality and uniqueness. With nothing more than your existing RSS feed, you can quickly create a website complete with episode pages, artwork, subscribe buttons, and built-in audio players. It's a seamless way to present your podcast to the world.

Check out some of the podcast websites built with this site builder here:

3. Multiple Theme Designs

Choose from an expanding library of pre-built, customizable themes that suit your podcast's personality. Each theme is designed to look great on both desktop and mobile, with customizable colors, images, and audio players.

Sample podcast websiteYou can easily find a theme that resonates with your podcast's brand.

4. Customizable to Your Needs

Free Podcast Websites offers a level of customization that ensures your podcast website is truly yours. Modify theme colors, swap out podcast artwork for a logo, create extra pages and external links, add links to various podcast apps, or even add your own custom domain name with free SSL certificates.

Choose your podcast website theme designYou can also add subscribe/follow badges for all the popular podcast apps: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Castbox, Overcast, Podcast Addict, and more!


Free Podcast Websites is a great free alternative to PodPage; its user-friendly features and customization options make it the perfect platform for podcasters of all levels.

Give it a try, and let your podcast shine online!